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Finding Heads support schools to recruit outstanding Headteachers, Principals, Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Headteachers.

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Our Expertise

We have created a recruitment service which fully reflects the needs of Governors and Trustees looking to recruit SLT members.  How do we know this? Our team includes Trust members and Governors who have themselves been through the process of recruiting and appointing school leaders, including Headteachers.  Their valuable insights and recommendations are at the heart of our recruitment service, ensuring we remain attentive to your needs and perspective in all that we do.

Prior to working in the education sector, our team have had extensive industry experience recruiting CEOs and Senior Industry leaders – giving us a unique insight into, and understanding of, ‘best practice’ recruitment processes to fully complement and enhance more traditional SLT school recruitment methods.

Our expertise ensures we present clients with an extensive list of potential leaders, enabling you to shortlist, interview and appoint – our track record is an impressive 90%+ first time!  So you can proceed with confidence, in the knowledge that Finding Heads will have made every effort to find and attract the very best candidates for your leadership position.

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How to recruit a Headteacher!

If you Google ‘how to recruit a Headteacher’ it will mostly include a ‘to do’ list detailing all of the legal and administrative forms and processes – yet all the ‘to do’ lists in the world won’t help to overcome the significant challenges caused by the poverty of candidates out there. This acute shortage is the direct result of increasing numbers of school leaders retiring, moving on from Headship to join HMI, become senior executives of MATs etc, whilst at the same time fewer teachers aspiring towards Headship due to the growing demands of the job.

If you speak with your local authority or diocese to get a picture of the number of applications in your area, you will find the reality is that most schools on average receive no more that 2 applications, and many receive none!  So, if you are a school that continues to advertise 2+ times, you will potentially have spent the same amount of money as it would have cost you to use Finding Heads to deliver a stronger field of candidates and achieve a 1st time appointment!



How Are We Different?

Firstly, we do not just advertise and secondly, our advertising strategy is more candidate friendly! We create adverts that encourage candidates to make direct contact with us – offering an opportunity to establish rapport and engage in detailed and constructive conversations with enquirers.

We also deploy numerous additional methods to target and establish contact with many more potential applicants – via targeted social media, mailshots, letters and most importantly our own Finding Heads network. The current ‘just place an ad’ recruitment process no longer works (and hasn’t done so for some time). At best, it might only bring forward a small number of candidates who are proactively looking. In contrast, our extensive approach also focuses on reaching ‘passive’ candidates – those who are not currently active or considering a new role (until, that is, a particular role is brought to their attention that becomes of interest!)

Candidates (the majority of whom will be preoccupied with high levels of confidentiality in the early stages of their enquiry) will always find it easier to approach Finding Heads than contact a school directly, and thereby run the risk of their name becoming known. In contrast, Finding Heads remains a ‘safe place’ for candidates to confidentially explore opportunities – allowing them the time to learn more about the role, the future needs of the school and discover what, exactly, governors or trustees are looking for. Critically, our approach offers an opportunity for candidates to share important details about themselves within a confidential setting and receive the appropriate encouragement to apply.

As you will have now realised, it isn’t just a case of placing an advert and then sitting back and hoping everything will be OK.  A well written advert is just a small part of the recruitment process, time and expertise that Finding Heads offers to find the very best leader for your school.

Supporting Your School To Find Your Next Head Teacher


We work with …

  • Infant Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • All Through Schools
  • Specialist Schools
  • Faith Schools
  • Community Schools
  • Independent Schools

Our service offers include both ‘one off’ and guaranteed (whereby we continue to work with you until successful appointment irrespective of the number of rounds) solutions for a fixed price alongside your advertising costs.

We can also provide a comprehensive understanding of the leadership pay scale.  This knowledge enables us to support Governors/Trustees in making an informed decision regarding appropriate levels of pay for their leaders within schools and those joining Multi Academy Trusts. We seek to provide expert advice, ensuring that leaders are earning an appropriate salary for their job role.

In addition, we also support schools who require Interim Headteachers and other SLT leaders. Please speak with one our team if you wish to access our Interim placement expertise and the option of combining this with a permanent leadership service.

Call us today on 01737 652043 or contact us for more information, in complete confidence.